Interdisciplinary designer John deWolf has worked in various mediums including print, interactive, broadcast, exhibition, environmental graphic design, and interior design. John has an extensive background in analyzing and deconstructing complex structures and designing understandable and accessible communication systems, particularly for public audiences. 

Design—past and present—is considered a product-driven activity. Design however is not merely physical and aesthetic, but also human factor oriented: it is the cognitive nature of designing that is the both the challenge and the reward. John views system, program, story, service, and experience as integral to his interdisciplinary approach to, what is traditionally considered design. Specializing in design of and for the built environment, John believes that design is built on a rhetorical footing, and designing the story—the narrative is part of the human condition—plays a major role in design thinking.


Mr. deWolf has a 25 year career in design spanning many disciplines. John deWolf is currently the Vice-President of Form:Media, an interdisciplinary design studio based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


As an educator, John deWolf has worked for various institutions including NSCAD University and the Corcoran College of Art + Design, and the University of Manitoba. Mr. deWolf has also conducted workshops and lectured at various universities in Canada and United States.


With a formal education in graphic design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Mr. deWolf had a 20 year career in design before returning to school to pursue Interior Design program at the University of Manitoba.