Warehouse 21

"The intent of Volume 21 is to move away from being a general survey that catalogues an abundance of student work and accomplishments at a single cursory level. Instead, its ambition is to pursue a rigorous curation of a multitude of content that will ignite critical discourse as a means of reaching broader audiences. However, by being a Faculty that is both multidisciplinary and supportive of multifarious pedagogies that facilitates a diverse range of processes and methods, it becomes impossible to showcase every pursuit. 

In lieu of breadth of work, this edition of the Warehouse Journal focuses on depth, and trashier than providing a platform for every point of view, we have attempted to express unique voices. It looks to finding a sense of place to the work, and how it situates within larger design communities and cultures. Distinguishing the internal and external influences together composes a design culture integral to the evolution and development of research produced within this Faculty. Design is fundamentally a form of communication, and Volume 21 is both a review and an exchange of ideas.” 

[excerpt from the preface] 

Designed and edited by Nicole Hunt and Brandon Bergem.

Warehouse is a non-profit journal established in 1992 that showcases the yearly work of students from the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture. The publication is devoted to the critical pursuit of design discourse and the greater application to various collective communities. The journal reflects, engages and extends ideas from within the various departments that fall within the interdisciplinary vision of our Faculty; Warehouse exists not only as a humble approach to design journalism, but also as an archive of ideas – an illustrated exploration of life, growth and accomplishment collected over a year.

“Do we publish to exist, or do we exist to publish? Has architecture’s affinity for the printed media directed the current discourse, or has it proven solely as a mechanism to validate our uncertain existence?”
— [Forward from Warehouse 01]
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