Experiencing the Everyday: A Photographic Inquiry

ABSTRACT The spectrum of photography practice is broad and ever changing. Once a medium for the adept—photojournalist, scientific photographer, documentarian, hobbiest, and commercial photographer to name a few—it is now accessible to a broader public as technology progresses and makes practice and medium available to many. The accessible nature of current photographic production, from mobile phones to digital tablets, allows us to enlist photography in the service of documenting the everyday. In the months leading up to the Atmosphere Symposium, students were encouraged to respond to the conference’s theme through images and media as a means to generate connections between theory and the world of the everyday. Noteworthy works were created by a number of students: Brandon Bergem, Becky Cheng, Lori Fossum, Nicole Hunt, Evan Kallusky, Mackenzie Loewen, and Tina Gigliotti.

“Experiencing the Everyday: A Photographic Inquiry,” a photo essay by John deWolf is published in the November 2013 edition of Interiors Journal.

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